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Major Autohemotherapy

Major Autohemotherapy 2018-01-30T21:19:01+00:00

Major auto hemotherapy (MAH) is a treatment that involves mixing the patient’s blood with medical grade ozone. This mixture is then returned to the patient.

MAH has benefits that include:

  • Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells.
  • Ozone stimulates increased levels of interferon.
  • Ozone stimulates the production of Tumor necrosis factor.
  • Ozone kills bacteria fungi, mold, and viruses.
  • Ozone is anti-neoplastic.
  • Ozone makes red blood cells more elastic and flexible.
  • Ozone improves mitochondrial function and efficiency.
  • Ozone increases ATP production.
  • Ozone increases protein synthesis.
  • Ozone up regulates hundreds of antioxidant response elements.
  • Ozone dramatically increases the effectiveness of the immune system.

MAH therefore is useful in treating refractory infections due to chronic disease, chronic mold infections, chronic viral infections. It has a profound effect on cellular respiration which helps with syndromes such as chronic fatigue. It has powerful effects on wound healing and healing of injured tissues. It has anti-inflammatory effects as well.


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