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Varicose veins ( laser ablation and sclerotherapy)

Venous insufficiency is a disease of the venous system which can result in varicose veins and spider veins. both of these progressive conditions create cosmetic concerns, but they can also develop into medical issues as well.

Varicose veins are enlarged and twisted rope like veins that appear near the surface of the skin. While they can develop anywhere in the body, they are most commonly found in the legs and ankles because standing and walking increases pressure in the lower extremities. In normally functioning veins, tiny one-way valves open as the blood flows towards the heart and close to prevent blood from flowing backwards. When these valves malfunction, blood pools in the veins, resulting in a buildup of pressure that weakens the walls and causes them to bulge. Over time, the increased pressure can cause additional valves to fail. This venous reflux, or venous insufficiency, leads to the development of varicose veins and spider veins.

Spider veins (telangiectasias) are similar varicose veins, but smaller and found closer to the skin surface. They take their name from their appearance, which resembles a spiders web. Usually red or blue in color, they vary in size and can be found in other areas of the body besides the legs, including the face.



We treat varicose veins with a system called Endovenous laser treatments, or EVLT which uses a targeted laser energy probe to seal the vein shots and help you look and feel better fast. EVLT treatment eliminates unsightly varicose veins with no hospital stay. Minimal to no scarring, No lengthy recovery and minimal to no side effects. In less than one hour, you can be free of bulging, twisted varicose veins and back to enjoying your everyday activities. The EVLTprocedure is safe, fast, and effective. For More information about EVLT treatment in Delaware visit our vein center page at The Delaware Vein Center.

Some EVLT facts

  • Treatment is less than an hour.
  • Can be performed in the doctors office.
  • Up to 98% success rate.
  • Immediate relief of symptoms.
  • Return to normal activity immediately – with a little or no pain.
  • No general anesthesia or hospitalization.
  • Minimal to no scarring.
  • Typically covered by insurance