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IV Therapy (Myers Cocktail, Vitamin C)

IV Therapy (Myers Cocktail, Vitamin C) 2018-02-16T15:13:37+00:00

In today’s modern society of nutrient depleted foods (fast food, processed food, vegetables picked green and shipped thousands of miles and stored in coolers for weeks or months before we eat them ), and daily exposure to hundreds of toxic chemicals, our bodies are “left out in the cold” so to speak, and health suffers.

IV therapy quickly and efficiently delivers the depleted vitamins and minerals to where they are needed, in the cells.

This allows us to bypass the potentially poorly functional digestive system. This therapy replenishes the body with natural nutrients(as opposed to drugs) which help to heal the body structure, including the intestines and digestive system, and improves metabolism all which help replenish lost energy, fight off infection, and improve stamina. It is safe and easy and the results of felt immediately.

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