The Issue
As we age, the result of working hard and living an active life start to appear as aches and pains. Muscle strains, shoulder problems, knee problems, chronic back pain, joint stiffness, and arthritis often start becoming a problem for Americans as early as the mid 30’s. Inflammation builds in the body, often causing sleep troubles, fatigue, and impacting social and family life. Chronic pain that interferes with daily living is not a normal part of aging and is not something that should be endured and ignored.

The Solution
There are dozens of creams and gels on the market claiming fast-acting relief to make pains and aches disappear. Most of these products work by simply making the skin feel cold, numb, or warm, providing alternate sensations to distract from the pain. Unlike those other products that work to temporarily mask the pain, bio protein technologies have created a Growth Factor Formula Cream to combat inflammation in the body. Derma Growth Factor is a special blend of velvet antler and anti-inflammatory carrier oils that work synergistically to deliver growth factors to an injury site. Not only does Derma Growth Factor help to reduce symptoms, but it actually works to help alleviate the pain of sore and damaged tissues. It can be used to treat muscle soreness, lactic acid buildup, strains, tears, and damaged muscles and joints.


Velvet antler has been demonstrated to increase the expression of growth factors like IGF-1, transforming growth factor-ß, and epidermal growth factor at wound sites. (1) Velvet antler has also been shown to reduce muscle damage and significantly improve the rate of repair to damaged muscle. (2)
Emu oil has long been used in Aboriginal culture to ease the signs and symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders. (3) It has been demonstrated to significantly reduce inflammation in arthritic joints and is a unique, sustainable source for transdermal anti-inflammatory activity. (3,4)
Jojoba oil contains long chain fatty esters that are thought to be the reason for its anti-inflammatory abilities. (5) Jojoba oil has been shown to combat inflammation in several ways, including significant reduction in prostaglandin levels. (6)
Lavender oil has been used for centuries in Iranian traditional medicine and is known for its ability to inhibit swelling and treat painful and inflammatory conditions. (7)

Darma • Growth Factor Supplement Facts


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