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Radiofrequency for body contouring, skin laxity and skin tightening has taken a major leap forward with Exilis from BTL Aesthetics, Inc. (Columbia, S.C.). This radiofrequency (RF) device has the unique ability to safely deliver controlled thermal energy to many different targets in the skin and body for effective and safe treatment with minimal patient dis-comfort and no downtime.Treatment time is also reduced be-cause the Energy Flow Control (EFC) component delivers the maximum ther-mal effect to tissue while allowing the operator unparalleled visual control and flexibility due to real-time monitoring of skin temperature. Moreover, the ad-vanced cooling system allows the der-mis, deep dermis, subdermis and deep tissue to all be targeted. Skin burns are also prevented by a unique feature that immediately turns the power off if the handpiece loses contact with skin. When you consider its versatility and lack of costly consumables, Exilis be-comes an affordable treatment option appealing to a wide-range of patients

Exilis radio frequency technology offers an innovative new treatment for non-invasive skin tightening and non-surgical fat reduction. A more affordable treatment than other pricier procedure options. Exilis is producing better and faster results with fewer and shorter treatments than any procedure / technologies currently on the market! Our new non-invasive treatment for the removal of fat tissues from problematic body areas is effective option for skin-tightening, rejuvenation and body sculpting.
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